Shanti Toya, first of all, will forever be a place that brings happiness and peace to me every time I think of it’s name.

From the varied and traditional food, to the incredibly friendly and welcome staff – everything at the retreat ensures you’ll be able to find the right mindset to both ground yourself internally and appreciate those around you whilst amongst the natural jungle that surrounds this Eden.

It’s impossible not to mention the unbelievably good value for money, alongside the yoga and meditation, there is the opportunity to experience Balinese culture through many different enriching activities from a cooking class to dance performances and lessons.

These locally led activities go hand in hand with the yogic practice – delivered by amazingly friendly and thoughtful instructors – to form a powerful, spiritually nourishing experience that will give you the best platform to fulfill any intentions and goals whilst bringing you the joy of realising and achieving so much more.

Jack Helme

from Democratic Cambodia, July 2017